9 11 2008

Tools Business Promotion

Tools include the promotion business conventions and trade exhibitions, sales incentives, advertising cooperation, trade wages, free merchandise and training assistance. Campaign sales goals requires the determination of election equipment, development, test introduction and implementation of sales promotion programs, and evaluate the results.
Conventions and trade exhibitions held by industry associations. Companies that sell products or services purchased showrooms (stand) to demonstrate and display their products at the trade exhibition. Gaikindo often facilitate the conduct of its members with the exhibition, shown in Figure 1:12. Similarly, as the market leader Solahart water heater strategy is the main exhibition can be as meeting with consumers and can give detailed explanation.

Figure 1:12.

Sales incentives have two common forms, namely the form of money and motivation to contest the sale. And the motivation wiraniaga receive the form of money in the form of additional compensation to encourage sales of business more aggressively against some of the products. Motivating the form of money is appropriate for individual sales as a significant part of the business of marketing the form of money and motivation needed to trigger a commitment from wiraniaga dealer. This method is expensive and must be used carefully to avoid the ethical and legal problems. Contests involving a dealer or wiraniaga aims to encourage them to increase sales in a certain period. For the sale of personal achievement that has special to be able to obtain money, leisure, computer or other prizes.
Ads are ads that cooperation arranged so that the company and penyalurnya agree to pay for ads for a specific product. Cooperation is a method of ad sales promotions are very popular among resellers. NOKIA E90 Communicator uses the fish in cooperation with the CBN, INDOSAT, Telkomsel, XL, 3 and IGUANASMS. Is the theme of cooperation Work Smarter together. Ad cooperation is shown in Figure 1:13.

Figure 1:13.

Wages are usually a reduction in trading price of the dealer. Wages are the reduction of the purchase price for the purchase of a product in a certain amount and in a certain period. Goals from wages to affect trade channeling action in specific sales.
Free merchandise provided by the company to provide discounts from the dealer based on the amount of purchase. Company provides free goods to reduce the cost as compensation to the distributors, because to do activities that help the company.
Assistance provided training to employees of the company’s resellers. This is done if the product is marketed product rather complex.


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