9 11 2008

Organizations must make changes to adjust to the competitive lingkungaanya. Changes bersangkut-relation with regard to create something with the other. Technology, competition, economic shocks, social changes, changes in ecology, labor and political world is a strength that stimulate change. Advanced information technology can change the way to compete, so it can improve its competitiveness to compete with the company. The existence of the Internet makes creating geographic boundaries do not mean.
In any industry, whether industrial or international domistik, whether produced goods or services, competition rules included in the competition five factors, namely the influx of new immigrants, the threat of product substitution, power buyers haggle, haggle and power suppliers and competition among competitors that (Porter, 1985). Porter style competition this should be changed with the new competition rules that need to be skeptical, the first new economy or the digital economy, which reduced the company’s revolutionary market, for example, Amazon.com is only used book store, but is now selling various products. eBay auction just before the Internet, but many products now sold.

Book Store Amazon first

Second, lepasnya the best workers, for example, employees who previously worked at large companies such as AT & T, IBM, Xerox moved to Google, Amazon, eBay and so forth. Third, the company’s revolutionary foray best assets, such as eBay dhulu only a small company, is now capable of the Butterfield & Butterfield auction house, which is the third largest in the United States. Vodafone is a new age of 12 years able to buy the company’s oldest, largest and most established in Germany.

Vodafone Office

Maybe we do not know companies such as Akamai Technologies, iMergent, Palomar Medical Technologies, Intergital Communications, CyberSource, Perficient, Lam Research, Ceradyne, F5 Networks and Armor Holdings. The company is 10 companies with the most rapid growth in the world.


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