business strategy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

9 11 2008

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. response to the problems faced by customers. Messenger s.a.w. said: “God loves those who easily in the sale, purchase, repayment and billing. He who gives to the people of the suspension of the (to pay the debt) or lead to, then God will menghisabnya with penghisaban the light. Whoever receives the purchase back from those who deplore purchase, cancel, Allah (remove) admitted on the Day of Resurrection. “(Bukhari and Muslim). Similarly, the problem that occurs on other people, the Prophet Muhammad still help solve the problem. From Jabir r.a. he said: “Abdullah ibn ‘Amr ibn Harani died while he has the debt. I ask you please to warn him. So that those who deign mempiutanginya relieve debt. Prophet s.a.w. Delivering a request to them, but they would not fulfilling. The Prophet said, said to me, “Go thou set the dates various! Ajwah part and ‘Azqa Zaid. Then tell to me when finished. “So what are the Prophet of Allah, I was doing, and after he finished kuberitahukan to. He sits above or in the middle of the palm, and he said, “Well, gantanglah for people who berpiutang it.” Then I gantangi and I give them adequate to each kurmaku fact that no less a matter of it back. ”

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. offers a selection of products in the market. From Ibn Umar ra, from the Messenger of Allah., That he said: “When two people have to make selling and buying, then each one of them can khiyar (choose) for they have not separated, and both are still together, or one of them khiyar gave to the other, and both have to make selling and buying on the basis of khiyar it, then buy and sell it to be done on the case. If they have been separated after conducting trading, which is one not to leave (the place) selling and buying. So, buy and sell it to be valid so. “(Bukhari). Similarly from Ibn Umar pleased, he said the Prophet said. Said: “Two people who buy and sell during khiyar can not separate the two, or one of them says to the other,” choose “And he can also be said,” Or buying and selling with khiyar. “Kata Nafi ‘” Ibn Umar never buy something when disenanginya, he soon parted with impressive




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