Business strategy of Prophet Muhammad

9 11 2008
Features are the characteristics that complement the functions of primary products. Special products on time is jahiliyah jewelry from gold, silver and silk clothing. Before the Prophet Muhammad to be the gold jewelry and silk clothing can be used by men and women. From Ibn Umar ra, Messenger sawmemakai ring of gold or silver rings and dijadikannya face in the next palm graven where he was writing “Muhammad Messenger of Allah.” Many people start using the ring as well. After he saw people memakaicincin such, he and discard the ring and said: “I will not wear it again for ever.” Then he put a silver ring. People also began to wear a silver ring. Ibn Umar said: After the Prophet of Allah, those who wear the ring is Abu Bakr, and Umar, and Utsman, the ring until it fell and lost by Utsman to the wells at Aris.

This product is intended for women and for sale. From Abdullah bin Umar pleased, he said: “He saw never send silk or silk clothing to the mix Umar pleased, and he saw something that used by Umar. His sayings, “I submit to you the clothes, not to use it. Who will wear it is the people who are not lucky for him. Kukirimkan to you is that you can take advantage of, namely, that you are selling. “(Bukhari).

Style describes the appearance and feeling for customers. From Aiman pleased, he said: I am well she, there are clothes that women terbikin of yarn for five Dirham. The words she: “Look sahaya women, see it! He felt as regal wear it in the house. I never wear clothing that period in the Messenger of Allah Every woman who wants to primp in Medina, always send a messenger to me to meminjaminya “(Bukhari).








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